Deceptive Practices at Gap Credit Services

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Gap credit services has been charging me a $35 late fee each month for the past 4 months because I've paid my bill on the 1st of the month.Apparently, their billing cycle runs from the 2nd to the 25th of each month.

If you pay on the 1st, it's credited to the previous month (?) and you're assessed the $35. If you pay on the 26th, it's credited to the next month (?), and you're assessed the $35. late fee. What?

Have you ever heard of such deception? Also, their online bill paying site, which I've been using to pay my bill, says nothing at all about the late fee.

I found it hidden in a paper bill.They lost a good customer today, and I suggest you stay away from using their credit services as well.

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #580083

You are an *** wrapped in a ***.So you just decided to ignore the actual due date and pay the bill when YOU felt like it?!?

And the late fee is their fault? REALLY? Apparently the concept of a late fee for paying a credit card bill late was a complete mystery to you.

Some people really have no business owning a credit card.Unbelievable.

to sessa #599979

Your comment ridiculously *** .I wonder why you think a customer deserves a late fee when a bill is paid every month.

This bill sounds like it was paid a full 25 days before the due date!

sounds like you are a little off the mark here, Sessa.(maybe it's the wine?)

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